Ce Yang

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MNDrive RSAM Assistant Professor

Tyler Nigon PhD candidate  Check out Tyler's webpage

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Wenhao Su, Postdoc

Dr. Su







Xiaolei Deng, Visiting Scholar

An Min, Programmer


Past members:

Ali Moghimi PhD, now postdoc in the Digital Agriculture Lab at UC Davis

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Chuanqi Xie Postdoc, now Assistant Professor at East China University of Science and Technology 

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Stijn Vandycke Graduate student, now PH-Systems Engineer at The Walt Disney Company

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Wei Yang, Visiting Scholar

Ruijiao Zhao, Visiting Scholar

Jiapeng Li, Visiting Scholar, graduate researcher

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Alireza Mahdavian, Visiting Scholar, now Assistant Professor of Tarbiat Modares University





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Ahmed Bihi, undergraduate research assistant

Rigoberto Amaya De Leon, undergraduate research assistant

Abdullahi Abdullahi, MNDrive NorthStar Stem Alliance Intern

Olivia Crowell CFANS UROP student, undergraduate researcher

Otto Castillo CFANS MAST visiting student, graduate researcher

Farewell lunch with Jiapeng

Jiapeng and group








Farewell dinner with Alireza

Alireza and group




Farewell dinner (Korean BBQ) with Dr. Xiaolei Deng

Korean BBQ